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i was handed this envelope just in time to see addison hurrying back off to her car
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i hate that “LOL SO IF WOMEN ARE EQUAL CAN I PUNCH YOU” shit bc 1 in 3 women are abused

y’all are already punching us

the issue is that we’d like you to stop


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hey do you want to go… out… out s…. outside. outside. do you want to go outside. there are plants out there. grass. trees. some flowers. leaves. birds. rocks. cool outside things. we could go out… side…… together……. and hold…… birds… maybe kiss… a leaf…….

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That is very awkward, having to leave your girl to do a number two. You could put Netflix on…

Ezra Koenig on using the washroom during a first date  (via whorchacha)

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If men’s kindnesses toward women were really only kindnesses, a man would be pleased if another man or woman offered these kindnesses to him. He would be pleased if another man or woman lit his cigarette or pulled out his chair for him. He would be pleased to derive his income, prestige, power and even his identity from his partner. He would take pride in another man’s or woman’s offer to walk him to his car at night. But in fact, “one of the very nasty things that can happen to a man is his being treated or seen as a woman, or womanlike.

(Frye 1983, p. 136).”

Dee L.R. Graham (1995), Loving to Survive

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Yeah!  This reality hit me a few months ago when a teenage boy at work said to another teenage boy, “ladies first!” in order to insult him.  Chivalry is not about respect or kindness.

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sometimes ghost girls wear red lipstick and kiss trees and that’s what people call cherry blossoms


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My Local Shelter Rescued a Fox
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i just asked chloe what i should wear to the concert and she told me nothing

youll be noticed 

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